Join Cedarwood Waldorf School’s dynamic and creative early childhood circle of teachers. Our program is expanding, and we are seeking innovative and enthusiastic early childhood assistant teachers to join our current team of exceptional educators.

Ideal candidates will possess qualities of warmth, centeredness, joy and a healthy will. All candidates should have a minimum of 10 to 15 hours of training in early childhood development or one year of experience in an early childhood facility. An understanding of Waldorf education is a plus. Cedarwood offers a warm and supportive environment for assistants to develop and to participate in collaborative team teaching.

Our school currently has two pre-kindergartens, three mixed-age kindergartens, an expanding afternoon program, extended day care and two parent-child classes. The current size of our early childhood staff is approximately 13 employees, and you will be joining a supportive and diverse group of teachers.

Cedarwood Waldorf School offers a progressive approach to Waldorf pedagogy in an urban setting. The school was founded in 1999 and established its permanent home in the historic urban neighborhood of Lair Hill in Portland, Ore. Our faculty and administrative staff reflect a blend of youth and experience, and our school values and encourages both creativity and initiative. We serve more than 300 students from early childhood through Grade 8, with an active parent body and a collaborative, three-pillar leadership that includes the board of trustees, the parent council and the faculty of teachers. We are a candidate school for accreditation by the Association of Waldorf Schools of America and the Northwest Association of Independent Schools.

We offer competitive salary and benefits, which include generous staff development funds, medical and dental insurance, retirement pay and an outstanding facility.

Interested applicants should send a résumé, three professional references, and a letter of intent to:  Stephanie Fleishman: msstephanie@cedarwoodschool.org    Cedarwood Waldorf School teacher search committee

Grades Position coming available-

We are a dynamic and creative faculty dedicated to keeping Waldorf Education alive and new. Our current seventh-grade teacher is on his last round, and we will have an opening for first grade come fall 2015. Our base salary starts at $33,000, with increments for higher education and full-time teaching experience. In addition, we offer flex spending to cover full medical and dental benefits.

Cedarwood Waldorf School is looking for substitute teachers for Grades 1-8. If you have teaching experience and would like to be added to our sub list, please send a letter of interest and brief résumé to teachersearch@cedarwoodschool.org.

Additionally, the administrative office is looking for administrative assistant substitutes. Please send a letter of interest and brief résumé to info@cedarwoodschool.org.

To send by mail, address correspondence to:

Attn: Employment Search
3030 SW Second Avenue
Portland, Oregon 97210

Phone: 503-245-1477 Fax: 503-245-5405


CEDARWOOD is a Waldorf School located in the heart of Portland, Oregon. Our early childhood program includes a parent-child program and four mixed-age kindergartens. Our grade-school children receive a host of subject classes by Waldorf-trained teachers, including handwork, music, Spanish, Japanese, movement and woodworking. Our faculty works well together and brings strengths in spatial dynamics, music, parent education and visual arts to enrich the community.

PORTLAND, OREGON, is home to many Waldorf Schools, a charter school and home programs. Portland offers teachers and families a thriving anthroposophical community, which includes a local teacher-training institute, an anthroposophical medical clinic, local therapeutic eurythmy, biodynamic gardens, study groups, a Waldorf High School and an active Society branch.








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