School Governance

More about our governance structure:

Cedarwood Waldorf School was founded on the guiding principles of Rudolf Steiner and a commitment to remaining aware of the needs of students and families in our time. Our school governance is respectful of the threefold needs of our school as described by Rudolf Steiner. We address these needs through a three-pillar governance structure.

Three Pillars:

  1. The Board Pillar allows the school administration to be fully responsible for the legal, financial and general fiduciary realm. This mandate is given to the head of school who supervises the administrative staff.
  2. The Faculty Pillar is responsible for all things pedagogical and spiritual. The Core Group of Teachers is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day activities of the classrooms, for presenting the curriculum and for working directly with the children and parents. The College of Teachers is responsible for providing cultural support and organizing the festivals. The class teachers and special subject teachers work together to create an integrated approach to the students' learning. Cedarwood is committed to having a fully Waldorf-trained faculty.
  3. The Parent Council Pillar is responsible for our community of parents and families. The Parent Council provides leadership on volunteerism, class communications, continuing education and community events. The work is closely integrated with faculty, administration and class parents.