Middle School

In the Cedarwood Middle School, modern young adolescents cultivate their powers of observation to make remarkable discoveries about the world.

Our middle school team of teachers creates an environment where burgeoning intellects are gradually awakened by an awe-inspiring curriculum. Biographies of historic heroes, surprising chemistry experiments and midnight observations of the starry heavens are just a few examples of the Waldorf curriculum that cultivates a sense of wonder in our sixth, seventh and eighth graders. Rigorous academic expectations ensure that students are prepared for high school and beyond.

The middle school students grow and learn together, creating a cohesive learning community that emphasizes acceptance and personal growth. The social curriculum is an important part of the adolescent’s work at Cedarwood and we believe that our conscious attention to the social realm ensures that our students have a positive middle school experience.

Our social and academic work combine in the form of the active, experiential learning opportunities that are a unique hallmark of the Cedarwood experience. Ceremonies, projects and class outings abound throughout the curriculum. Some incredible examples include backpacking trips, ropes courses, class plays, the 6th grade knighting ceremony, 7th grade sailing trip and the culminating 8th grade project. These experiences deepen and magnify the impressions made by the classroom experience.

Math at Cedarwood