Annual Appeal

Annual Appeal FAQ’s

1. What is the Annual Appeal?   The Annual Appeal is a key source of revenue for Cedarwood. Each year, we ask every parent to make a tax deductible gift that will help offset the cost of our program. Our largest costs at Cedarwood are staff salaries, financial aid and the maintenance and debt service for our hundred-year-old historic building and new wing.

 Your annual appeal gifts in 2013-14 help to :

  • Strengthen our tuition assistance program and continue to promote diversity by keeping our tuition low.
  • Broaden and strengthen our staff development. At Cedarwood we have a strong faculty development program. Maintaining, training and hiring the best faculty is one of our top priorities
  • Accelerate our debt payment. Cedarwood is in a strong financial position and we would like to build on that strength by accelerating debt reduction.

Cedarwood has made enormous gains in enrollment and financial strength over the past five years. Part of that growth has come from fundraising, which has increased as parents express their love for the school by giving generously.

2.  I already pay tuition. Why are you asking for more money? Our goal is to keep tuition as low as possible and have a diverse student body from a wide range of income levels. During the Annual Appeal we are essentially asking those families who have the ability to pay more for their children’s education to do so, and for those who can to give a little to do so as well in order to reach our goal of 100% community participation.

 3.  What if I don’t like the pressure or the phone calls? We have two goals during the Annual Appeal – the first is to raise $100,000 to cover this year’s financial obligations and strengthen our programs and the second is to have every family and employee contribute. When we reach outside the community to ask for grants and loans one of the first questions we are asked is, “How strongly does your community support the school?”  There are many ways to contribute but the clearest way to measure this support is through financial contribution. We don’t necessarily like pressuring parents or spending evenings at fundraising meetings and phone-a-thons but we do it because we love our school.

4.  Can I pay online or with a credit card? Can I pay over time? Yes! Both Donnea Sims and Tiffany Jackson can take your credit card or you can  DONATE HERE.  The business office can also set up a pledge payment for your donation. It’s very easy.

5.  Can I donate stock?  Can my employer match my gift? Yes!  Stock is frequently given as an Annual Appeal gift and many employers match gifts. If you need more information regarding stock and matching gifts please see Jean McGowan in the development office or Dave DeMarkey in the business office or please feel free to  contact either of them via email – or

To give to the Annual Appeal, please contact Jean McGowan, Cedarwood Waldorf School’s Development Director & Communications Coordinator, at (503) 245-1477, ext. 14.

A call to give from Grade 7 parent, Justin Fallon Dollard



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