Editing Notes

Editing the Home Page

How to edit Home page news & events

To edit the items in the home page “News & Events” box, look for “News Items” in the WordPress admin menu. (See right.) You can add new items or edit existing items. Keep the items brief — people are much less likely to read long paragraphs of text. Use existing items as examples of how much text fits well in an item.

If you want a new item to appear on the home page, check it as “News Feature” in the News Role edit box. Also make sure you set a Featured Image. It will be automatically cropped to 120 pixels square, so choose an image that will look good as a square.

How to edit other Home page text areas

To edit the other text areas on the home page (Enrollment, Curriculum, About Us and Giving), look for “Text Blocks” in the admin menu. (See right.) DO NOT ADD NEW TEXT BLOCKS. Instead, edit the text block that you want to update.

The images for these other areas are not editable.

How to add a new Home page slider image

Create an image that is EXACTLY 960 pixels wide by 316 pixels tall. Make sure it is laid out exactly like the existing images, with green area and green border above, a 277px tall primary image area, and 1px white border at the bottom.

Click on the Media button on the Home page edit screen (see right) and upload the new image. Set the title and alt text. Under “Media-Tags,” check the box for “home feature.” Then click the save changes button.

You do not need to set the image as a feature image or insert it into the post.

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