World Language and Practical Arts Teachers Conference

February 20-22, 2017

at Cedarwood Waldorf School in Portland, Oregon


Nurturing the Etheric Light of Children through Japanese Language and Culture

Chiaki Uchiyama: Japanese teacher for over 17 years will lead the group in their seventh year of Japanese curriculum, child development and cultural studies through Waldorf pedagogy and Anthroposophy.

World Languages -Form and Function Towards the Future

Michelle Jarvis: Spanish teacher for over 18 years will lead a group focusing on the forms we need

(curriculum and developmental stages) to foster empathy through functionality in the language towards a more compassionate future.

Renewing Impulses in Hard and Soft Handwork - Focus on Grades 5-8

Gia Davis: Designed and implemented the current Cedarwood practical arts program, teaching middle school students both hard and soft handwork. This group will examine the difference in the action of making soft toys, a stuffed animal for instance, to that of an animal carved out of wood, tackle classroom management, and look deeper into the indications for soft and hard handwork as given by Rudolf Steiner.

Begins Monday, February 20 at 9am and ends Wednesday, February 22 at 3pm

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Conference Fee

$300 Early Bird Registration before February 1, 2017: $280 Practical Arts workshop only: add an additional $15 for material fees. You will need a carving knife. Bring your own or for $26 one will be supplied for you.

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