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Tomten's Treasure Trove

We have started a school store! It's starting small, but with your help, it can grow. All of the items pictured below - and more - are available to view, and purchase in "the Blue House" located next door to the school on Porter Street.

You can place your order here and pick it up at "the Blue House" or just swing by to peruse the inventory and make your purchase there. All of the proceeds go into the school's general fund.

Our current inventory

Child's Apron
- $20
Play Scarves
- $8
Wool Hat
- $12
Wool Purses
- $5
Wool Bag
- $15
- $15
Silk Fairy Bells
- $3
Love Bottle
- $15
- 3 for $10
The Soul of Discipline
- $15
Wooden Dragon
- $35
Wooden Saint Michael w/horse
- $50
Wooden Gnomes
- $45
Wooden Princess and the Frog
- $30
Wooden Unicorn
- $20
Modern Peg People
- 3 for $10
Detailed Peg People
- $5 each
Shirts and hoodies
- $10 shirts/$20 hoodies

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