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Dear Families,

Today is the first day of re-enrollment. We value all members of our community at Cedarwood Waldorf School and wherever you are in your journey with us, we are happy to have you here. We also understand the commitment that you make when you re-enroll with CWS for another year.

This communication includes the following::

  • A letter from Brewster Crosby, our board president, detailing the board's ongoing work in regard to the budget and tuition.
  • Information about re-enrollment.
  • Information on how to apply for tuition assistance.
  • Final steps, your tuition agreement.

Please be sure to read this communication in its entirety. If you have any questions about the content of this email or finalizing your child's enrollment please reach out to me before the Feb 15 deadline. I am happy to answer questions or provide assistance.


Thank you all for your continued commitment to the Cedarwood Waldorf School community. I look forward to another year with you.

Thank you,
Allison Fredette
Enrollment Director


503.245.1477 ext. 31


Dear Cedarwood Community,

As is traditional for the Cedarwood board, every January we review and set the budget for the upcoming school year. This process begins in the fall and is based on input from faculty, administration, parent volunteers and our finance committee. As the budget is refined, the board engages in review and discussion to establish the tuition for the upcoming school year. Central to the board's discussion is the intent to deliver the best programing possible while supporting our faculty and staff.

This is a year of transition for Cedarwood. This has created opportunities for faculty and the board to review our current operating structures and reflect on how to improve our offerings. In addition to searching for a new head of school, we are working to strengthen our program and our support of the faculty. To do that, the board has approved and funded a new pedagogical director position. That person will assume many of the administrative duties current faculty are carrying and will be responsible for ensuring that a high-quality Waldorf curriculum is delivered to Cedarwood students.

Beginning last spring, a committee review of our faculty compensation. The committee, comprised of faculty, board members and parents, reviewed compensation at fellow Independent and Waldorf schools. The committee then presented an updated compensation plan to the board which was accepted and implemented into next year's budget. Our investments in faculty, a new pedagogical director and new head of school will have lasting benefits for Cedarwood.

I am also pleased to note that this spring, the school will make its final payment on the community loan that was used to help renovate the annex building.

As we move into our re-enrollment time at Cedarwood, we encourage all of you to commit to the 2018/19 school year. The tuition for the 2018-2019 year will be $13,815 for grades 1-8. Early childhood tuition will have a slight increase for next year as well. However, because we have multiple and expanding options for our early childhood programs, you can see the complete tuition and fee information sheet on TADS. We did not raise supply fees for the upcoming school year. Please note; tuition alone does not cover all our operational expenses. We rely on additional revenue sources such as the Annual Appeal, Winter Faire, and the auction help cover the true cost of our operations. If we were to divide the full cost of our budget across all students, the actual would be closer to $16,000. If you have any questions regarding the tuition for next school year or the overall budget, please contact Elizabeth Nugent or me.

Finally, I want to acknowledge and thank Elizabeth Nugent for her leadership over the past 12 years. She has been instrumental in establishing a foundation of faculty excellence and fiscal prudence at Cedarwood. She has worked to create a budget that strengthens our program, advances compensation for faculty, and attends to the operational needs of our school. Her role requires the skills of a tightrope walker. I also want to thank the faculty, staff and community members for their input in this budget.

Best Regards,

Brewster Crosby
Board President


  • Re-enrollment begins February 1 and runs through February 15.
  • You will receive an email from TADs by the end of day on February  1.
  • On February 16, we will begin enrolling new families into classes with available space.
  • The tuition agreement must be signed to be fully enrolled.
  • Current families who enroll after the February 15 deadline will incur a $500 re-enrollment fee.
  • If enrolling after February 15, there is no guarantee a space will be available in your child's class. Please let us know of any unexpected delays as soon as possible.
  • If you are waiting for a tuition assistance award before finalizing your tuition agreement, you must submit a tuition assistance application before February 15. We will waive the late enrollment fee if your tuition assistance application has been submitted by February 15 until 5 days after you receive your award notification.


Cedarwood Waldorf School values all of our families. Each family's financial contribution to the school is important, and every child's tuition adds to the welfare of our community. The primary responsibility for a child's tuition lies with their family. When considering applying for tuition assistance, we ask that you consider all avenues of resources available to you before applying for tuition assistance.


Applications for tuition assistance are evaluated separately from the admissions process. All information about tuition assistance applicants is confidential, and no identifying information is provided to the deciding committee. Awards are determined by considering each applicant's need in relation to other applicants' needs and the tuition assistance budget. The amount awarded is generally capped at 50% of annual tuition. Not all families will necessarily be awarded assistance, and the school makes these decisions on a annual basis.

Eligibility Considerations

  1. Tuition assistance is available to families with demonstrated financial need.
  2. Tuition assistance is available only to families with students enrolled in PreK 5-day through Grade 8.
  3. Family is current on all tuition and fee payments.
  4. Application materials are received by the deadlines.

Tuition Assistance Process

We use TADs, our tuition and financial aid management system, to process tuition assistance applications. Based on the financial information provided, TADs gives an estimated amount that each family can contribute to educational costs based on household income, savings, investments, assets, home equity, and other expenses. This helps the school make fair and objective tuition adjustment decisions. To complete a tuition assistance application, click here.

Two Household Families

In families where parents are not married or not living together, we require that both custodial and non-custodial parents fill out separate applications. You will be asked to provide a copy of the custody agreement as requested.


The final step in completing your child's enrollment will be to sign your tuition agreement. Until this is signed, your child's space is not reserved for the 2018-19 school year. Our tuition agreement is a legally binding contract. Please be sure to read it in its entirety before signing. We are unable to release families from signed agreements. If you have any questions regarding your agreement, please contact Allison Fredette BEFORE signing.



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