Parent Council

The Cedarwood Waldorf School Parent Council is one of the three pillars of leadership. Its mission is to nurture, support and develop a vibrant Waldorf community by fostering a positive social life, facilitating parent volunteerism, and offering dynamic parent education.

The Parent Council Conflict Resolution Policy

We aim to provide a fair, equitable and productive school environment for all members.

The following procedure seeks to support the achievement of this goal by providing a transparent and consistent process for resolving grievances. The process is available to parents who wish to resolve conflicts within the parent body or address concerns about school policies.

Step 1. Direct and respectful communication. We ask each person to first discuss their concern and/or grievance with the person directly involved in the concern.

Step 2. If the concern is regarding a class policy or school policy we ask each person to speak with their class teacher.

Step 3. If still dissatisfied, the parent may submit a Request for Support form to the Head of School, who will direct the grievance to the decision-making body responsible. As appropriate, a review or investigation may take place to resolve the grievance.

All school community members have a right to:

  1. Be treated with respect and impartiality and be provided with support throughout the process.
  2. Observe principles of fairness throughout the process. This means: a) Complaints must be fully described by the person with the grievance, b) All parties to the complaint must have the right to be heard, c) All relevant submissions and evidence must be considered, d) Irrelevant matters must not be taken into account, e) The final decision-maker must be impartial, fair and just.
  3. Investigations and proceedings that are conducted honestly, fairly and without bias.
  4. No undue delay in investigations and proceedings. It is the responsibility of all parties to participate fully in the resolution process. Confidentiality must be respected and maintained at all times within the constraints of the need to fully investigate the matter.


Middle School at Cedarwood: The Age of Discovery

At Cedarwood, we facilitate discovery rather than filling our students' heads with book knowledge that is often detached from real meaning and not grounded in direct experience.

The Art Hall Presents: Anca Hariton

Please join us for Anca's opening reception on Thursday, March 7th, 5:30 - 8:00 pm to learn more about how this exhibit of work came to be.

The Significance of the Class Play in the Waldorf Classroom

In Waldorf education, dramatic productions teach moral and social lessons and speak to each individual child, as well as the class as a whole. It is quite possible that students might look back and think "Everything I ever needed to know about being human, I learned in my class play!"

School Calendar

Grade 7 Classroom

Instructor: Peter Hayes

Grades 4-6


Grade 7 room

Come and join us for an afternoon of fun and games! The goal in this weekly game-playing club is to learn how to play a variety of board and card games that will help you develop math and strategy skills through games that are sure to please. The variety of games can be played with 2-6 players. Some are competitive (winners and losers), and others are cooperative (everyone wins, or loses). Some are classic, well known, though most are new and feature dynamic landscapes and gaming features.

The spring Games Club is open to students currently in 4th to 6th grades. Mr. Hayes (5th grade teacher) will be on hand to facilitate the game-playing and will furnish games that align with this age group from his extensive game collection. The weekly format will feature several short games (ice breakers) that can generally be played in 10-30 minutes, followed by the exploration of a variety of games that take from 30-90 minutes to play (deep-dive strategy games). If this sounds interesting to you, please join us!

Instructor: David Carr

Grades 5-6



Cedarwood Splinters welcome grade 5 boys and girls for a spring skill and team-building season! Coach David Carr leads weekly practices focusing on sportsmanship and inclusive play, bringing our students together for a positive sports experience. We will be participating in the YMCA Beaverton spring league, with two Sunday games for four weeks (April 7-May 5).

Performance Space

Instructor: Ms. Maruska

Grades 3-4


Performance Space

Make things out of clay this spring with Ms. Maruska! In this class, students will hand-build creations of both function and fantasy, while developing dexterity, sense of touch and strength in hands. Pinch pots turn into animals, rolled slabs turn into castles, and the longest snake in the world curls into a very special cup! Some projects will be made using "play clay" to be smashed and recycled for the next week, while other projects will be fired and glazed. Class size is limited. Registration covers all materials.

Music Room

Instructor: MyLinda King and Mr. Hayes

Grades 5-8


Music Room

Students in grades 5 and up are welcome to join our tribe in carrying the musical traditions from the Shona people of Zimbabwe into the ears and hearts of the Cedarwood community. Enliven our school with the joyful, uplifting and melodic percussive sounds of the marimba culminating in a sharing at the end of the year! Mr. Hayes and MyLinda King, from Boka Marimba, will be leading this beginning class on a beautiful set of instruments on loan to our school. Class size is limited to 14.