Back-To-School Night

Sometime during the first month of school there is a Back to School Night or Parent Orientation where parents can learn more about the Cedarwood community and how the school runs throughout the year. New parents (and returning ones!) are strongly encouraged to attend this important community gathering presented by our Faculty, the Cedarwood Parent Council, and Board of Trustee members. Information about the school and the parent handbook are discussed, questions are answered, and community involvement opportunities are presented at this important first gathering of adults. Individual class orientation meetings often follow the all-school portion of the evening.

Class Parent Evenings

Most teachers schedule parent evenings. These evenings are a time to find out more about what your child has been learning in the classroom and to explore the social dynamics of the class and a time to ask questions and engage in discussion as a parent body. Parent evenings offer the parent and teacher a chance to get to know each other better and to help form close relationships with the other parents of the class in order to build the class community. It is highly recommended that at least one parent from your family attend as many of these meetings as possible.

Community Bulletin Board

Outside the community kitchen is a bulletin board for posting community information (classes, services, performances, events). Please have the front office approve all information prior to posting. All posted items should be dated.

Community Blackboard

Weekly school events are displayed on the large blackboard in the main hallway. Please check this board regularly as you pass through the school to check for any changes to the schedule and to stay connected to what is going on in the school community.

Community Directory – Privacy Advisory

Every year we publish an online directory containing class lists, faculty and staff contact information and the addresses, phone numbers, and emails for every family currently enrolled at the school. The Community Directory and any information contained therein is intended strictly to facilitate school-related communication within the Cedarwood community of families, faculty and staff. As a recipient of this information, you and all members of your family agree to abide by the following prohibitions:

  • The information in the directory may not be shared or distributed to any entity or individual beyond the Cedarwood Community
  • The information in the directory may not be used in any way for solicitation of any cause or the promotion of any endeavor without the express written consent of the Board of Trustees.

Contact Information Changes

If any of your contact information has changed since your first registered with the school, please notify the Front Office. You may also change your information online using your TADS account. Be diligent, it is important that the school always has the most recent address, email, phone numbers, and medical information for your family. Of course, your child’s medical information is private and is not published or shared in any way.

Parent/Teacher Communication

Education works best for the child when parents and teachers work together. Open and honest communication builds a healthy social life within the school. Ask your child’s teacher what is the best way to communicate with him/her. It is helpful for teachers if parents keep in close contact with their child’s teacher. A serious illness, death, divorce or parent going back to work can impact everyone in a family, but particularly children. Please stay in communication with your child’s teacher about such life changing events in your child’s life. See the Teacher Directory for their current contact information.

Parent/Teacher Conferences

This conference encourages communication between parents and teachers and provides an opportunity to discuss your child’s experience at greater length in a one to one setting with the teacher. Conferences are scheduled in the fall, additional conferences are available upon request. Kindergarten teachers schedule parent conferences twice a year.

End of Year Reports

A formal written report is created at the end of each year to document the progress of each child in grades 1-8. These reports include academic progress, physical capabilities, social interactions, subject lessons and artistic skills.

Parent/Parent Communication

In the course of the year there will be many opportunities for parents to interact. Sharing the common experience of being a parent of a Cedarwood student is one of the joys of being part of our school community. In speaking with one another even when differences or conflicts arise, we should remind ourselves that above all we are models of civility to the children. The tenor of our communication should be kind and respectful of each other’s time, values and priorities. The substance of our communication should be constructive and supportive, never destructive or self-serving.

Face-to-face is often the best mode of communication, but when using text, email or social media, remember to write thoughtfully. Before hitting “send” consider what you have written and be respectful of the confidentiality of your words. As members of a community our words can strengthen or weaken the bond that holds the group together. Our guide in all verbal and electronic discourse should be to treat others as we would prefer to be treated.

Phone Calls to Teachers

Evenings are a time of rest and preparation for your child’s teacher. Unless it is urgent, please direct your phone calls to the office. In most cases, teachers will return parent phone calls at free periods during the day. Some teachers may designate specific office hours for this purpose.


The Cedarwood website is your handiest and most comprehensive source for updated news and information about our school. When your Parent Handbook isn’t at your fingertips, the website is the best place to look for information regarding tuition, enrollment, school governance, the history of the school and the school calendar.

Weekly Update

An all-school email containing the most current school information and scheduling is sent to the entire school community every week. The Weekly Update contains important information regarding festivals, events and safety communication. Please take time to read the Update in its entirety to ensure that you have all the information you need to start each week.