Tuition payments alone do not cover all expenses that Cedarwood requires to operate. This difference is made up solely through our fundraising efforts. Cedarwood is not alone in this shortfall, all independent schools in the U.S. rely on gifts from parents, past parents, faculty, staff, family members, alumni and friends to meet their costs. As a parent, there are several ways to be involved in this important support of our school. Some opportunities are described below. Gifts to the all campaigns are tax-deductible and are applied to the current year’s operating expenses.

The Annual Auction

The Annual Auction is the biggest event we hold to reach our fundraising goals and to help keep tuition at an affordable level for our families. We invite you to be a part of auction history—donate, attend, volunteer. Family and friends are welcome to join in this evening of fun and great food. A silent auction and a traditional action-packed live auction followed by a banquet give our families and their loved ones a great way to share the wonder of our school and Waldorf education.

Our Annual Appeal

By definition, the annual appeal is money given to Cedarwood that is spent in that same year. Our fiscal calendar goes from July 1 to June 30, and these gifts directly affect the experience of our children in their current school experience. Giving to Cedarwood’s Annual Appeal campaign directly affects our programs and teachers, helps with tuition aid, contributes to maintaining our buildings and impacts much of the important work of the school.

Capital Campaign

Our capital campaign is a targeted fundraising effort that takes place over a defined period of time. In 2012 Cedarwood initiated a capital campaign for the expansion of our campus. The gifts from generous parents allowed us to expand our campus with two additional classrooms, performance space and music room, community kitchen and two community/administrative spaces.

Philanthropy at Cedarwood

Planned Giving - A planned gift means that Cedarwood Waldorf School will receive the gift at some time in the future, often after the donor has received lifetime income from the plan. While the primary purpose of this type of gift is to support Cedarwood Waldorf School, its secondary purpose may be the financial benefits to you and your family.

Your planned gift can extend the support you give Cedarwood Waldorf School beyond your lifetime and help to build an endowment for the school. An endowment is an indicator of Cedarwood’s financial stability and is highly symbolic of the loyalty of the school community and its supporters. Money placed in an endowment will be there “forever,” with a set percentage of the interest from the endowment being used each year to ensure that Cedarwood Waldorf School can continue to achieve its mission well into the future. Please contact our Finance Director for more information.