Neighborhood Stewardship

Caring for Lair Hill Park

Cedarwood Waldorf School has a special relationship with Lair Hill Park. We are graced with the park’s beautiful, spacious grounds as our playground and as an outdoor environment for our student’s nature studies. In a unique agreement between Portland Parks and Cedarwood, in 2001, it was agreed that Lair Hill would become the first pesticide-free park in Portland Park’s system in exchange for Cedarwood's help in maintaining the park.

Cedarwood keeps up its end of the bargain with a team of parent volunteers and faculty that work with the Portland Park employees to see that the park stays pesticide-free. Gardening parties and our Annual Leaf Rake give families the opportunity to work together to help maintain the beauty of the park. Since we are entrusted to care for Lair Hill park we hope that each person who enters it will care for it as if it is their own.

Good Neighbor Guidelines

Because Lair Hill is a residential area please honor the following guidelines in order to be a good neighbor:

  • Drive consciously and courteously, maintaining awareness of nearby children
  • Keep your dog on a leash at all times (even in the park)
  • Always clean up after your dog
  • Have your dog with you at all times
  • Park your car on the correct side of the street with the flow of traffic
  • Do not park in handicap spots
  • Do not block the crosswalks
  • Do not block driveways or parking lots

Portland Parks and Recreation has asked us as part of our stewardship not to climb on any tree, including in our courtyard or in the ivy along the fence line of our park. It is also important not to dig in the dirt surrounding the trees.

Parking Issues

Cedarwood is located in the heart of the Lair Hill neighborhood, a residential area with limited on-street parking. As a part of this lovely neighborhood, Cedarwood endeavors to lessen our impact on our neighbors as much as possible. Reducing traffic is the single most effective thing we can do to help. Please consider carpooling, the use of public transportation, or biking as an alternative to driving your child to and from school each day.

When necessary to park while bringing your child to school or picking them up, please select parking spaces on Woods, Porter or Second Streets, preferably in areas marked as 1-Hour or 2-Hour zones. Do not block driveways or fire hydrants – not even for a moment. Parking rules are strictly enforced in the Lair Hill neighborhood, so please be attentive to the length of time you are parked. There are signs marked “2-Hour Visitor Parking Except by Zone F Permit.” Re-parking during a 12-Hour period in these areas is not permitted. Other signs marked “2-Hour Zone,” re-parking within a 3-hour period in these areas is not permitted.

The courtyard parking lot is reserved for faculty and staff. If you will be volunteering at the school for more than two hours, please park in the “permit” zone and come to the office to get a complimentary permit or re-park permit for your car. Please follow the instructions for posting them in your vehicle. Please note that the permit is not valid when parking in a simple hourly zone. We have a limited number of permits and will do our best to accommodate you.