Going With The Flow: Moving Through The Buildings & Grounds of Cedarwood Waldorf School

Welcome to Cedarwood! Our community and campus are always growing and changing. For families returning to Cedarwood for another school year, or for new friends stepping through our doors for the first time, a place of such movement and energy can raise many questions about how to join in and go with the flow. To that end, here’s some basic information to get you started moving into, around and through our building and grounds easily.

It’s pretty simple: our campus currently consists of three buildings:

Neighborhood House (NH): Main building. Designed by A.E. Doyle and built in 1910 by the Portland Chapter of the National Council of Jewish Women as a settlement house and school. Placed on National Register of Historic Places in 1979. Acquired by Cedarwood in 2000.

The Annex (AX): Built in 1925, as a fitness and community center. Fully renovated by Cedarwood in 2011.

The Blue House (BH): Directly behind Annex at 118 SW Porter. Acquired by Cedarwood in 2016. Houses the school’s Business Office, Enrollment Director, Communications Manager, and Facilities Manager.

Moving Through The Building

Please refer to the floor plan diagram to find out where to go and how to get there. Movement through the building flows best when everyone holds the reverence central to Waldorf education. Please walk slowly & quietly while classes are in session, refrain from cell phone use in the hallways, and respect the beautiful facilities we all use and cherish. Mindfulness and stewardship are their own rewards for a community that works hand-in-hand to improve things for all.

Getting Into The Building

The safety and security of our building and the community it houses are top priorities for all of us here at Cedarwood. In 2014, Cedarwood made a big leap forward in this mission by installing an electronic access control system on our entrance doors, using individual card readers. All Faculty & Staff, members of our Board of Trustees, and parents enrolled in Extended Care are provided access cards. For busy times during the school day, such as drop-off, pick-up, and recesses, the doors are set to unlock for a brief period to allow high traffic access. These times are called “Auto Open’s” and are listed in the charts below. For further information about our access control system, please read our handy A-Z guide or email our Facilities Manager, Jeremy Smith.

Cedarwood’s daily Auto Open routine is programmed as follows:

EC Door (Lower Front Entrance)




Mon - Fri



Main Front Door


Mon - Fri7:45am9:30amDrop-off
Mon - Fri10:15am10:45amSnack/Recess
Mon - Fri12:15pm1:15pmLunch/Recess
Mon/Tues/Wed/Fri2:45pm3:45pmPick-up (no Thurs)

Music Room Door

Mon - Fri8:00am8:30am

Please note that times listed here are for only three doors: the Main Front Door, the EC Door, and the Music Room Door. No other exterior doors at Cedarwood will be on Auto Open during these times. Please also note the times and days listed in the Auto Open chart. During no other times will exterior doors at Cedarwood be on routine Auto Open.

If you arrive during a time when these Auto Open’s are not in place, simply ring the doorbell at the Main Front Entrance (smile for the built-in video camera!) and the staff in the Front Office will gladly buzz you in.

Parent Evenings & Special Events

In addition to the daily routine mentioned above, Cedarwood’s entrance doors will be on Auto Open for regularly scheduled Parent Evenings and other special single-date events, such as class plays, special meetings, basketball practice, etc. Access for Parent Evenings begins 30 minutes prior to start of the meeting, and ends 30 minutes after the meeting begins. For instance, for a 6:30 meeting the door will unlock at 6:00 and re-lock at 7:00. Teachers should communicate directly with parents about the dates, times, and which door to use for Parent Evening access.

Now you have the knowledge to find your way around and go with the Cedarwood flow. Please feel free to bring any further questions or concerns about our facilities or grounds to our Front Office staff or email Jeremy Smith, our Facilities Manager. We are here to help you, and we love talking about our beautiful school!