Quick Reference Guide

School Address: 3030 SW 2nd Avenue, Portland, Oregon 97201

Phone: 503-245-1477

School Office Hours: 8:00am – 4:00pm Monday through Friday

A receptionist is at the front desk during these hours to take calls and receive/deliver messages. If messages for teachers are not urgent, they will be put in their mailboxes their consideration later. To reach after care providers please contact them on cell phone numbers provided at enrollment.

Business Office Hours: 8:30am – 3:30pm Monday through Friday

The Business Office is also open by appointment, to answer questions regarding tuition payments, outstanding balances, expenditure requests and donations. The Finance Director and the Bookkeeper are located in the Business Office and can be reached through the main office reception or through email as listed in the current directory.

Early Release for Special Events

On a handful of Special Event days there is a school-wide early release. On these days ALL Kindergartens and Grades are dismissed at 12:30pm. These days are:

  • First day of school,
  • Michaelmas (Sept 29th),
  • Last day of school before Holiday Winter Break,
  • May Day
  • Last day of school year

Absence or Tardiness

Your child’s attendance at school is the absolute best way to ensure his or her success at Cedarwood. Students with irregular attendance and frequent late arrivals struggle academically and socially, and teachers observe that absences often lead to more absences. Further, Waldorf Education is a living education that occurs every day in the classroom. Because of this, it frequently is not possible to make up missed work.

To support your child’s success, Cedarwood has developed the following attendance policy.

  1. Absences must be communicated through the front office.
  2. Teachers should not be expected to provide make-up work.
  3. Absences exceeding 10 days per year or 4 days in a 4-week period will be considered irregular attendance.
  4. Tardies exceeding 15 days per year or 8 days in a 4-week period will be considered excessive.
  5. Irregular attendance or excessive tardies may result in:
      1. Meeting with teacher.
      2. Meeting with teacher and pedagogical team.
      3. Personal Education Plan.
      4. Probation.
      5. Discussion about continued enrollment.


At the end of the school day your child will be dismissed at the time listed on the chart above. Teachers of early childhood and grades 1 – 4 will dismiss children directly to their designated adult.

Students in grades 5 - 8 will be dismissed from their classroom independently. You may meet your 5th – 8th grader in the gym or courtyard or another pick-up point in accordance with parameters described by your teacher.

Snow Days and Unscheduled School Closures

In the event of inclement weather, Cedarwood follows closures for Southwest Portland Public Schools (PPS), Multnomah County. If PPS has a 2-hour delay is on a Thursday, all classes are cancelled—please tune your radio to KEX 750 AM or KXL 1190. KGW Channel 8 News will have a list scrolling across the bottom of the television screen with the same information. An all-school email will be sent out with information regarding closures or delays.

Please remember that Cedarwood students come from all parts of the metro area. The weather may be fine at your house but not at school or vice-versa, so please stay informed and use your best judgment before you set out; safety is the primary concern.

If for some reason a closure is necessary after the school day has begun, all parents or designated adults will be contacted by phone to pick up their children. It is important that the school have current home, work, and cell phone numbers in order to reach you quickly.

Making Up Days Lost to Snow Closures

If the school is closed for more than 5 days in a single year, the Head of School has the option of extending this provision.