Announcing our first Pedagogical Director

Dear Cedarwood Community,

I am pleased to announce that Chiaki Uchiyama has accepted the offer to become Cedarwood's first Pedagogical Director.

In her 19 years at our school, Chiaki has carried the torch for the Spirit of Cedarwood, inspiring colleagues, students and community members while guiding our collective vision. In recent years, Chiaki has served as Program Chairperson, a role she fulfilled with grace and devotion, taking on greater responsibility as the school has grown.

I would like to acknowledge the work of our faculty to develop this new role and our administration staff for advocating for this position. And finally recognize the board for taking the step to fund the Pedagogical Director going forward.

Though she will be missed as our beloved Japanese teacher, we are excited that Chiaki's enthusiasm, experience and deep connection to Cedarwood will continue to support the school in this new role.

Again a sincere congratulations to Chiaki Uchiyama.

Elizabeth Nugent
Head of School

Your questions about the Pedagogical Director role - answered

What is the Pedagogical Director?

The Pedagogical Director will provide administrative leadership, oversight, and coordination of the grades and early childhood faculty and curriculum. The Director will report to the Head of School and will work with the faculty to facilitate the management of planning, development, implementation, and evaluation of curriculum. Additionally, the director will supervise faculty members.

How is it any different from how the school already operates?

This job currently falls to a small committee of teachers, and tends to take time and resources away from their primary duties as teachers. By creating this position, we are freeing up the teachers to do what they love, and dedicating one person to help ensure program consistency through the grades.

How will this impact me as a parent?

The Pedagogical Director will act as the faculty's direct supervisor. Any question or concerns that you have regarding a teacher or programming would be brought to the chair.

What is going to happen to the Japanese Program?

Chiaki leaves big shoes to fill and our search for a new Japanese teacher has already begun. We are confident that under the guidance of a new teacher, the program that Chiaki has built will continue to thrive and the Japanese language will live on in the hearts of Cedarwood students.