The Art Hall Presents: Anca Hariton

Metamorphora is a neologism, a mash-up of metamorphosis and hora, a circle dance popular in the Balkans, Israel, and Yiddish culture worldwide. It is also the name of Anca Hariton's show, opening in Cedarwood Waldorf School's Art Hall on March 7.

The roots of this show go deep, before my immigrating to the US.

Bucharest, where I grew up, used to be known as the city of more than 200 churches before the end of WWII. However, with the arrival of the communist revolution, worship was reserved for the Party, while traditional faiths & church attendance were discouraged, infiltrated, and reported -- especially in the capital. I still remember how, in the fourth grade for example, our teacher admonished us, "I shall not see any of you going to church on Sunday!" Instead, families taught their children to pray secretly.

I left communist Romania for good in the mid-80's as a trained architect. Years later, after September 11th happened, I decided to become a teacher. I earned my credential and then my Waldorf certification. For teaching the third grade Waldorf curriculum, I had to learn from scratch what I had missed: the holy stories of the Hebrew and Christian traditions. In particular, the story of the Seven Days of Creation held many revelations for me and, in conjunction with reading Rudolf Steiner's fascinating lectures on them, they inspired these paintings.

To be given permission for what I was not allowed to openly experience as I grew up, to learn about and teach these ancient stories felt like poetic justice. Which is why I am grateful to be able to have this series shown here, at the Cedarwood Waldorf School. Thank you!

My warm appreciation goes out to all who helped this show come true: from my family and old friends (many far away) to my new Portland community and friends, including Robin Lieberman (founder and Art Hall director), Robin's son (who designed our invitation), Christine Badura (who put us in touch), Cedarwood Waldorf School (which is offering a warm / soul-filled art space), and all my friends and colleagues who encouraged this effort.

Anca Hariton
February 2019
Portland, Oregon

We welcome you to join us for Anca's opening on Thursday, March 7, 5:30 - 8:00 pm, with an artist presentation at 6:00 pm. For more information on Anca's work, or to contact her directly, please visit her website, Sacristima.

*This piece was originally published on The Art Hall website and is shared here with permission from the author.