Grades Concert on May 31

Spring Concert Grades 4 -8

May 31st

6:00 - 8:00 pm

Reedwood Church

2901 SE Steele Street


Black and/or white concert attire

Instruments and Tuning:

By the time the instruments arrive, they will need tuning. Please have your instrument to the church by:

5:00 pm - 6th and 7th grades

5:00 pm- 8th (if playing an instrument so that you can help others tune as well)

5:30 pm- 4th and 5th grades

5:40 pm- 8th graders without instruments. Please come early enough to mentally prepare where you will be for your first piece.

Grades Seating at 5:50:

Children will be seated with their grades with their grades teachers.

Please stay for the entire concert if you are able. It is so valuable for the younger children to get to see what the upper grades do and it is so wonderful to support each other.

Some thoughts

  1. Children's nails must be cut as short as possible.
  2. Please encourage your child to practice their pieces so that they feel proud of themselves and successful.
Final important information from Reedwood Church:
  1. There is no downstairs access or entrance (a separate event will be happening).
  2. There is an additional ADA entrance at the back of the building and the church will leave those access doors unlocked.
  3. Please keep your children with you or with their instructor at all times so that we can insure care is taken at the church. This includes the parking lot. Please do not let children run free anywhere on the grounds per the request of Reedwood Church.