Why Waldorf

Waldorf education is an international movement based on the philosophy and methods of Rudolf Steiner. The first Waldorf school was established in Germany in 1919. When Steiner was asked to create a school, he saw an opportunity to design a system of education that would nurture all dimensions of the human being — physical, emotional, intellectual, moral and spiritual — a system that could be a model for education in a new, more peaceful epoch of human history. Waldorf education is rapidly expanding both internationally and here in the U.S. There are now more than 800 Waldorf schools worldwide, 200 of which are in North America.

Waldorf education holds the realization that an evolving free human spirit is the greatest goal of knowledge. The pedagogy is designed to teach to the whole child “head, heart and hands,” engaging the full human being and preparing children for the challenges and opportunities they will encounter in school and throughout life.

For more information on Waldorf pedagogy, we recommend the AWSNA site.