Why Waldorf

Waldorf education is based on the philosophy of anthroposophy - a formal educational, therapeutic, and creative system. The goal of Waldorf education is to bridge science, the arts and morality to build a strong foundation for children. Waldorf education, biodynamic farming and anthroposophical medicine are practical implications, or applied anthroposophy, in that they each intend to nurture the life and the soul of humanity.

“What I like about the Waldorf School is, quite simply, it's graduates...They are interesting people. They can converse intelligently on almost any issue, because they have been taught to examine. They can be enormously sympathetic to almost anyone’s plight because they have been taught to tolerate. They can gracefully dance or score a goal because they have been taught to move. They can circulate among the various groups on campus and engage in a variety of activities because they have been taught to harmonize.” - James Shipman, History Department, Marin Academy High School, San Rafael, CA

For more information on Waldorf pedagogy, we recommend the AWSNA site. We also invite you to see our uniquely contemporary expression of Waldorf come to life at our Open House!


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