Three Days Aboard the Adventuress

It is truly an amazing age we live in when our twelve and thirteen year-olds can experience what it was like to ply the seas in a hundred year-old sailing vessel!

The seventh grade had the great fortune to spend three September days aboard The Adventuress, a teaching ship operated out of Port Townsend, Washington, at the start of the new school year. The trip was not a typical one, but neither are Cedarwood’s seventh graders typical students.

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The Art Hall at Cedarwood Waldorf School

While still one of the youngest Waldorf schools in the country, Cedarwood already enjoys a well-deserved national reputation for offering a most innovative Waldorf education to its students, both inspiring and supported by its vibrant community of parents, faculty, staff, and children.

Consistent with this tradition for innovation — and its broader mission to bring other Waldorf-inspired initiatives to the greater Portland community — the school has opened its space to host The Art Hall, a gallery designed to showcase art inspired by anthroposophy, the initiative that gave rise to Waldorf education.

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