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What makes us different?

Cedarwood Waldorf School is the first and only dually-accredited K-8 Waldorf school in Oregon. 


Our Neighborhood

Situated in the historic Lair Hill neighborhood, our urban campus combines eco-conscious contemporary architecture with original 20th Century structures. Just five minutes from downtown Portland and surrounded by green spaces, our neighborhood offers a unique and beautiful balance of natural and urban landscapes.


Our Teaching Method

We value a progressive approach to Waldorf, in which new ideas, practices, and styles are incorporated to support and enrich the student experience. From early childhood programming through the completion of the eighth grade curriculum, our students are met with openness to possibility, given time to develop resiliency, and taught skills to turn challenges into opportunities.

Our pedagogy is forward-facing, reflective, and responsive to the demands and expectations of today’s world while maintaining our core vision—to weave together the arts, academics, and movement with a reverence for the developing child.


Our Governance Structure

Cedarwood is committed to addressing the needs of our students and families through a three-pillar governance structure:

  1. The Board Pillar supervises the school administration and is fully responsible for the legal, financial and general fiduciary realm. This mandate is given to the head of school who oversees the administrative staff.

  2. The Faculty Pillar is responsible for all things pedagogical and spiritual.

    • The Pedagogical Director is responsible for managing faculty.

    • The Core Group of Teachers is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day activities of the classrooms, for presenting the curriculum, for working directly with children and parents, and serves as an advisory body for the Head of School and Pedagogical Director in decision-making.

    • Class Teachers & Subject Teachers work together to create an integrated approach to student learning.

  3. The Parent Council Pillar supports the social life of our community of parents and families. The Parent Council provides leadership on volunteerism, class communications, continuing education, and community events. This work is closely integrated with faculty, administration, and class parents.

Cedarwood’s Mission

Cedarwood School brings Waldorf education to life and strives to instill a love for learning. With a reverence for the developing child, and in harmony with social, emotional, and cognitive health, our curriculum weaves together the arts, academics and movement to nurture the wholistic well-being of each of our students.

Our Vision

Cedarwood’s true purpose is to create a collaborative community that strives to learn how we as human beings can create a better world.


Cedarwood Waldorf School is a fully accredited member of the Northwest Association of Independent Schools (NWAIS), the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America (AWSNA) and the Waldorf Early Childhood Association of North America (WECAN).