Board of Trustees

One of Three Pillars of Cedarwood's Leadership

Cedarwood is managed according to an organizational model referred to as the "Three Pillars," which is a governing system used in many Waldorf schools in the U.S. At Cedarwood, the Board functions as one of the three pillars, the other two being the Faculty and the Parent Council. The Board is responsible for making major fiduciary and legal decisions and for setting the long-term strategic direction for the school. The Board works in support of the Faculty pillar’s responsibilities for defining and updating Cedarwood's curriculum and programming and with the Parent Council's responsibilities for serving the needs and education of parents and for supporting school activities and events. The Board delegates the day-t0-day operations to the Head of School, who leads the administration.

Internal Organization of the Board

Cedarwood's Board maintains a number of standing committees to which different members belong according to their experience and interests. We also periodically create and then retire subcommittees that are focused on accomplishing particular short-term tasks or serving specific school initiatives.

Following is a list of longstanding committees:

  • Committee on Trustees

  • Development & Community Engagement Committee

  • Enrollment & Outreach Committee

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Committee

  • Finance Committee

  • Facilities Committee

  • Executive Committee

  • Strategic Planning Committee


Current Board Members 2019-20

Board members represent a cross section of the Cedarwood community. Our Board Recruitment & Development Committee maintains a keen focus on maintaining a member roster that is at once dynamic and balanced, including "wisdom keepers" with extensive institutional knowledge, members who are newer contributors to Cedarwood's leadership, roughly equivalent numbers of men and women, and representatives of the diverse perspectives and individual talents that help define Cedarwood's uniqueness.