High School Placement


& Beyond

Many parents are curious as to where Cedarwood students attend high school upon eighth-grade graduation. Because of the geographic diversity of our students, our alumni attend high schools both private and public across the city. We support our students efforts in transitioning to the school of their choice by providing optional test prep training, liaising with high school admissions programs, and inviting representatives from area public and private schools to talk with and address questions our parents might have.

In the past five years, Cedarwood students have matriculated to the following high schools:

Catlin Gabel, Central Catholic, Highland Hall, Jesuit, La Salle Prep, Northwest Academy, Oregon Episcopal School, Portland Waldorf School, St. Mary’s Academy, Grant, Cleveland, Franklin, Wilson, Lincoln, Riverdale.

Preparing for High School

Deciding on your child's next steps after their years at Cedarwood is an exciting -- and sometimes daunting -- time!

Our Enrollment Director, Erin Cooley, is here to support you and your family in this process, whether you've already chosen a high school or are just beginning your exploration of the many possibilities.

Cedarwood students have gone on to attend almost every public, private, and charter high school in Portland. Our administrative team will support the transition of your student to high school by:

  • Providing you with information and logistical support

  • Cultivating our relationships with high school admissions officers and enrollment managers

  • Providing an organized and prompt response to requests for information

  • Hosting a High School Info Night (just for parents!)

We also strongly encourage all parents to attend a variety of open houses and outreach events, and to track the deadlines for schools you are interested in.

You can find more information about preparing for High School here.