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Early Childhood

Now Accepting Applications for the 2019-2020 School Year


Class Programs


Parent & Child

A warm and protective environment where parents or caregivers and their child come together once a week in a supportive learning community. Activities include baking, snacks, storytelling and connection. This program follows a daily and seasonal rhythm and celebrations.

10-class sessions offered Fall, Winter, Spring to little ones aged 6 - 36 months and their caregivers on Tuesdays*, Wednesdays, or Thursdays.

8:45 - 11:30 am. | $400/session

*Our Fall Tuesday session is now full.

Cedar Rose

2-, 3-, or 5-day Pre-K


5-day Pre-K

These pre-kindergarten classrooms are designed for the children who leave the warmth of home to attend school for the first time. They are met with kindness, simplicity and a well-rounded experience. They begin to immerse themselves in the work of childhood, which we believe is play. Every aspect of our classrooms is intentionally chosen and carefully prepared to meet the developmental needs of the young child. This includes handcrafted dolls, pieces of wood, colorful beeswax for modeling, and toys that encourage wonder, competence and curiosity. Children enjoy a variety of hands-on practical activities in a social setting that will develop a sense of competence, skill and community.

Our pre-kindergarten program is open to children ages 3-4.

We begin our day at 8:30 am, with the option of a 12:30 pm or 3:30 pm release.

We offer early care for pre-k from 7:30-8:30 am, and extended care from 3:30 to 6 pm everyday for students in the 3 or 5-day program.

We also offer school break and summer camps for children 4 and older.



Cherry Blossom


The children in our kindergarten classes bake bread, paint, draw, garden, cut vegetables, make soup, and importantly, become stewards of their classrooms where they care and support one another. The children are invited to live fully in their imagination. Each day allows for ample time to play, both inside and outside. Children absorb the beginnings of science and develop a love of creativity. Storytelling, puppet plays, poetry, sorting and counting are examples of the pre-literacy and pre-academic activities in the kindergarten. Commonly the kindergarten classes visit a local pumpkin patch in the fall and a farm in the spring, which introduces field trips while staying close to home. Parents are always invited to attend.

We begin our day at 8:30 am. All kindergarten classes have the option of half-day, released at 12:30 pm, or full day, released at 3:30 pm.

We offer early care for kindergartners from 7:30-8:30 am and extended care from 3:30 to 6 pm every day included in tuition.

We also offer school breaks and summer camps at additional cost.

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