This summer we're offering weekly camps for children in both early childhood and the grades that provide rich opportunities for experiential learning, connection with nature, and story-telling as a tools for exploring science, foreign language, culture, and the arts.
Our camps are led by trained Waldorf teachers who bring a rhythm not unlike Cedarwood's educational model -- but with a joyful summertime twist!

Monday - Friday
8:30 am - 3:30 pm

Before Care: 7:30 - 8:30 am

After Care: 3:30 - 5:00 pm

Financial Aid Available

Before Care: $25/week

After Care: $50/week
(drop-in available)

Cedar Sprouts camps are thoughtfully designed for little ones ages 4 - rising first grade.

Our Waldorf teachers bring their inspiration, enthusiasm, and creativity to the weekly rhythm of our early childhood camps, nurturing the imagination, strengthening relationship with the natural world, and providing endless opportunity for practicing social skills!

Each camp is co-taught so we can provide careful support for each and every child. Camp themes are a general direction set by instructors that will play out in games, circle songs, stories, water play, picnics, games, painting, and other hands-on activities!

June 24 - 28: Firefairies
Andie Baldwin & Alyssa Waller

July 8-12: Make a Joyful Noise
Lainy Morse & Katie Montgomery

July 15-19: Sweet Nectar
Lainy Morse & Katie Montgomery

July 22-26: Gifts from the Sea
Anna Mojallali & Alyssa Waller

July 29-August 2: Gnomes & Fairies
Alice Engelstad & Alyssa Waller

August 5-9: Twirl Among the Tallest Trees
Andie Baldwin & Alyssa Waller

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Meet our Cedar Sprouts Teachers!

Anna Mojallali

Ms. Anna brings a love of nature, movement and handwork to her work as a kindergarten teacher at Cedarwood. Her training from Micha-el Institute and LifeWays have given her a strong foundation for an enriching Waldorf experience for all children.

Alice Engelstad

Ms. Alice taught kindergarten at Cedarwood for many years. She is an experienced early childhood educator with over 16 years working directly with parents, and countless hours of training and certification in the realm of early childhood education and mindfulness. Beyond teaching young children, Ms. Alice facilitates a parenting sangha, teaching self-compassion classes to middle schoolers, and runs Strong Food, making wholesome bites for all.

Andie Baldwin

Ms. Andie brings over 12 years of experience in the field of Early Childhood Care and Education and is in her 4th year of working in the Waldorf Kindergarten. Andie brings her love of speech and storytelling, handwork and stewardship of the Earth to her work each day.

Alyssa Waller

Alyssa grew up immersed in Waldorf education as a Waldorf student in California. After 4 wonderful years teaching in the Early Childhood Program at the Asheville Waldorf School in North Carolina, she is thrilled to be apart of Cedarwood's beautiful community! Alyssa brings her love of story, song and silliness to her work with children, as well as a deep respect for childhood and all the magic that lies within it.

Lainy Morse

Lainy Morse brings her love of music and fine arts to her work with children through an understanding of child development. She enjoys spending her free time with her daughter and husband exploring the natural world, playing guitar, cooking, and sewing. Lainy has worked in Cedarwood’s early childhood program since 2016. Her previous experience as the director at two in-home preschools has led her to pursue a Masters in Early Childhood Education through Concordia University.

Katie Montgomery

Ms. Katie is an early childhood teacher who served at Cedarwood for seven years. Trained at the Rudolf Steiner College, Katie brings her love of the plant and animal world to her work in the classroom, and she knows all the secrets of building the best fairy homes and forts!

Cedar Kids camps are open to children rising into second - fifth grade.

Cedar Kids camps have been crafted by our trained Waldorf teachers as deep dives into the theme of the week!

All camps are hands-on and active, with support tailored to meet the children in the room.

June 24 - 28: Dragons & Monsters!

Griffins and yetis and werewolves, oh my!

Mythical creatures have long been an outlet for the reaches of our imagination. Join Ms. Maruska and Ms. Pearl for a week of art activities and outdoor games inspired entirely by monsters! Mornings will be filled with all manner of crafting, including mask-making and clay modeling, while afternoons will cruise by in games and theatrical skits led by Ms. Pearl.

Ms. Pearl, Cedarwood’s Movement Teacher, knows how to play games for days! She has trained in Spacial Dynamics, Physical Theatre and Clown. Her teaching weaves together these fields to create FUN and creative action.

Ms. Maruska, Cedarwood’s Upper Grades Support Teacher, brings a Waldorf approach to clay modeling and material exploration deepened by her own fine arts education from Oregon College of Art and Craft.

July 8 - 12: Wild, Wild West Comic Adventures

This year, comics camp is hitting the dusty trail and circling the wagons around a week of Wild West adventure with Mr. Wooton.

Expect the same creative avalanche of comics from our student artists with a focus on the tumbleweed-strewn landscapes of the American West -- with special field trips to the Wells Fargo history exhibit downtown and the Portland Art Museum to look for inspiration, not to mention regular afternoon trips to the fountain to cool off.

Every comics camp week puts kids into a world of imagination and storytelling, while giving them new skills to craft and draw amazing comics of their own. Expect to bring home a pile of comics, each creator gets a gift bag of awesome and inspiring new trade issues as well as copies of the sixth annual anthology, "Out Of Our Minds," and handmade mini-comics of their own creation to trade with friends.

Mr. Wooton is Cedarwood's middle school math teacher. He has been teaching the fine points of drawing and storytelling through comics for decades. He can draw almost anything, and still makes an origami dragon in under five minutes.

July 15 - 19: How to Have Fun as a Pioneer

Early settlers may not have had all the gadgets we have for entertainment, and that may be exactly why they knew all the cool games and craft projects!

Ms. Schumacher will take campers on an adventure back in time exploring the many ways pioneers filled their days - a whole bunch of handwork projects, a little cooking (who knows what hard tack is?), and a whole slough of learning about early American history through story, song, games and activities!

Ms. Schumacher is Cedarwood’s Handwork Assistant. She brings a love of music, literature, and history, as well as many years of experience to working and playing like a pioneer.

July 22 - 26: Circus Arts

Soar through a week of Circus Arts camp inspired by the wacky and whimsical story The Fool of the World and the Flying Ship.

Jam-packed days of juggling, stilt walking, balancing, physical comedy, rolling globe, acrobatics, unicycle, theatre games, scenery- and prop-making, and tons of fun, will culminate in a performance of our own original circus-full rendition of this Russian folktale for friends and family.

The program is designed to welcome students of all levels, from beginners to experienced circus performers!

Cedarwood Movement teacher Heather Pearl will be teaching Circus Camp along with Sarah Liane Foster, who teaches Movement at Bright Water Waldorf in Seattle, WA. Both instructors have been teaching and performing circus, theatre, and clown for years, and bring great joy and expertise to this annual camp.

July 29 - August 2: Fringe Theater for Kids

What if we could be writers, performers, directors, designers, and delighted audience, all in one week? Whether shy or show-off, kids in this camp will have a chance to let their imaginations soar as we put the play in plays.

“Fringe Theater” is a term used world-wide for more small scale and experimental productions. In this easy-going spirit, we will engage in improvisational games, inhabit different characters, create costumes & sets, and play music to bring to life a series of inventive skits.

Emergent readers and bookworms alike will welcome the opportunity to explore the strange, silly, and surprising nature of language as we write verses to perform with inspiration from readings by Shel Silverstein, Gertrude Stein, and more.

Skye Archer is the First Grade Assistant at Cedarwood. She earned her Master of Fine Arts in Writing from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and has also trained in dance and theater, performing on stages and fields from Nehalem, OR to New York City.

Andie Baldwin has worked in Childcare and Education for over ten years and is the Huckleberry Kindergarten Assistant at Cedarwood while pursuing Grades Teacher Training. She earned a Bachelor's Degree in Arts and Letters from PSU, with a focus on Speech and Language Development. Andie has studied music since childhood and currently enjoys playing the trumpet and ukulele.

August 5 - 9: Endless Felting

If your student enjoy soapy hands, water, exploring the imagination of endless creatures and creations, you've found the right camp!

Your camper will share stories and laughs while working on wide array of unique projects. In this camp we will use colorful wool fibers, yarn, and other materials to make unique designs. Next, prepare for a splash as we use soap and much water to roll and transform our fibers.

Whether refining skills or learning brand new ones, campers will be encouraged to express themselves while enveloped in creativity and fun.

Wet Felting is an ancient and magical hands on fiber art process that requires no experience and ends with a satisfactory product.

Silvia Santana first discovered wet felting 9 year ago when she worked on an auction project making hats and was determined to do it on her own! Since then, she has developed a special interest in working with wool, finding a unique experience in every project. Silvia also teaches cooking classes and Spanish language at Cedarwood and other local Waldorf schools. She has a love for being resourceful, using locally grown materials/ingredients, and bringing practical life skills to students of all ages.

A few things to keep in mind:

All of our instructors are trained in CPR and first aid, and can make accommodations for most special health needs. Please communicate any special needs in advance of the camp session.

We offer a full refund for registration cancelled 14 days prior to the camp session start date.

Questions about registration fees & financial aid? Please reach out!