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Experiential Learning

We support the development of creative thinkers and doers.


We believe experiential learning motivates our students and allows them to be engaged intellectually, emotionally and socially in the learning process.

Cedarwood Waldorf School is located in downtown Portland, OR, where our central location affords us many opportunities to explore the natural and urban world around us and relate it back to what is being studied in the classroom in each grade. In preschool and kindergarten, students stay close to home and visit local pumpkin patches and urban flower farms. As students progress through the grades, they will venture farther out into the world. Eventually, each student at Cedarwood will learn how to build an igloo on Mount Hood, stay on a ranch in Eastern Oregon, bike across all the city's bridges on a bridge tour, camp in Bend, Ore., for an astronomy unit, and sail through Puget Sound on a hundred-year-old schooner using the stars to navigate.

The culmination of their Cedarwood experiential learning ends in eighth grade with a seven-day service trip. The eighth grade students fundraise and choose this experience in collaboration with their teachers. Students have done service work in Hawaii, Mexico, Costa Rica and Colorado.