Always a Time for Everything

The early childhood program of Cedarwood Waldorf school is a place where there is always a time for everything and life flows at a gentle hum.

Songs fill the air as children laugh and play. The hallways smell yummy and good with the scent of baking bread and simmering soup, evidence of the happy, strong work carried out here. With our senses engaged, we are reminded that there is no need to hurry. When we slow our step and quiet our breath, the children will match our tempo. And that is when the magic happens.

In these spaces, everything is done intentionally for the sake of the child and their healthy development.

Age-appropriate expectations are set, firm and loving boundaries are provided, good habits are demonstrated and practiced. We recognize and celebrate the fact that, with these little ones, we learn something new each and every day.

We honor the miracle of our youngest children (those with just three years around the sun) having the courage to successfully cross the threshold of care, from parent to loving teacher. We take pride in the accomplishments of our older children as they learn to jump rope, sew, sweep, wash dishes, sort our crayons into rainbow order, swing across the monkey bars, help teacher, set the table, fold the laundry -- and so much more! Our oldest children, our golden knights, are preparing to rise into the first grade upstairs. During this last year of kindergarten, we delight as they grow into the helpers, the knowers, the big friends of our mixed-age classrooms.

Our work as early childhood teachers is to tend the foundational senses, strengthening each child's capacity for movement, balance, taste, and life at every opportunity. Each moment we spend with the children is grounded by our intentional presence. Each moment holds value, and contributes not just to their readiness for the next big developmental step they'll take into the grades, but to their lifelong journey.

There is always a time for everything in Cedarwood's early childhood program, and it is our pleasure to watch these children grow up, grow taller, grow stronger -- as they should! We are so grateful for the trust they and their families place in us, and their openness to sharing the journey. And any time they need to slow down and feel in awe of the world, we welcome them to come downstairs and visit us on bread days.

Cecelia McClellan led Cedarwood’s Huckleberry Kindergarten class for many years. She is now the school director at the Waldorf School of Bend.