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Parent Council 


The Cedarwood Waldorf School Parent Council is one of the three pillars of leadership. Its mission is to nurture, support and develop a vibrant Waldorf community by fostering a positive social life, facilitating parent volunteerism, and offering dynamic parent education.

We aim to provide a fair, equitable and productive school environment for all members. The following procedure seeks to support the achievement of this goal by providing a transparent and consistent process for resolving grievances. The process is available to parents who wish to resolve conflicts within the parent body or address concerns about school policies.

Step 1:
Direct and respectful communication. We ask each person to first discuss their concern and/or grievance with the person directly involved in the concern.

Step 2:
If the concern is regarding a class policy or school policy we ask each person to speak with their class teacher.

Step 3:
If still dissatisfied, the parent may reach out to the Head of School, who will direct the grievance to the decision-making body responsible. As appropriate, a review or investigation may take place to resolve the grievance.

All school community members have a right to:

  1. Be treated with respect and impartiality and be provided with support throughout the process.

  2. Observe principles of fairness throughout the process. This means: a) Complaints must be fully described by the person with the grievance, b) All parties to the complaint must have the right to be heard, c) All relevant submissions and evidence must be considered, d) Irrelevant matters must not be taken into account, e) The final decision-maker must be impartial, fair and just.

  3. Investigations and proceedings that are conducted honestly, fairly and without bias.

  4. No undue delay in investigations and proceedings. It is the responsibility of all parties to participate fully in the resolution process. Confidentiality must be respected and maintained at all times within the constraints of the need to fully investigate the matter.