About Cedarwood

Cedarwood Waldorf School is a pre-k through grade 8 independent school. Our mission is to provide a wholehearted education for children in order to develop creative and critical thinkers. We use a uniquely contemporary expression of Waldorf education as the framework for our curriculum. Our students are met with openness to possibility, given time to develop resiliency, and taught skills to turn challenges into opportunities. We educate the whole child, and are adaptive in our pedagogy while maintaining the core of our vision “to weave together the arts, academics, and movement with a reverence for the developing child.”

We are located 5 minutes from downtown Portland, Oregon, in the historic Lair Hill neighborhood between the South Waterfront and Oregon Health and Science University Hospital (OHSU), easily accessible using TriMet buses and MAX light rail. Cedarwood has a large bike-to-school and carpool community as we draw families from the greater Portland area.

Our school culture is rooted in strong parent volunteerism and maintains a commitment to fundraising. We believe in supporting the community beyond one’s own child. Parents work collaboratively and actively as stewards of the school. New and treasured friendships begin in our courtyard, watching the children jump rope and play basketball, and through our many social gatherings. We invite you to visit us to learn more about the Cedarwood difference!

Our Mission

Cedarwood School brings Waldorf education to life and strives to instill a love for learning. Our curriculum weaves together the arts, academics and movement, with a reverence for the developing child. We nurture our children’s spirituality, cultivate their ability to think imaginatively and inspire them to seek the truth.

Our Vision

Cedarwood’s true purpose is to create a collaborative community that strives to learn how we as human beings can create a better world. We want to assure our students and their families that the philosophy at the core of our mission, “to weave together the arts, academics and movement, with a reverence for the developing child,” remains the uniting force for all our endeavors.

Our governance structure

Cedarwood Waldorf School was founded on the guiding principles of Rudolf Steiner and a commitment to remaining aware of the needs of students and families in our time. Our school governance is respectful of the threefold needs of our school as described by Rudolf Steiner. We address these needs through a three-pillar governance structure.

Three Pillars:

  1. The Board Pillar allows the school administration to be fully responsible for the legal, financial and general fiduciary realm. This mandate is given to the head of school who supervises the administrative staff.
  2. The Faculty Pillar is responsible for all things pedagogical and spiritual. The Core Group of Teachers is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day activities of the classrooms, for presenting the curriculum and for working directly with the children and parents. The College of Teachers is responsible for providing cultural support and organizing the festivals. The class teachers and special subject teachers work together to create an integrated approach to the students' learning. Cedarwood is committed to having a fully Waldorf-trained faculty.
  3. The Parent Council Pillar is responsible for our community of parents and families. The Parent Council provides leadership on volunteerism, class communications, continuing education and community events. The work is closely integrated with faculty, administration and class parents.

Cedarwood is honored to be a dually accredited K-8 Waldorf School.

Since January 2016, Cedarwood Waldorf School has had the honor and distinction of being the first and only dually accredited K-8 Waldorf school on the West Coast.

Cedarwood is now an accredited full member of the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America (AWSNA), an association that strengthens and supports Waldorf schools and informs the public of the benefits of Waldorf education.

Cedarwood is also an accredited member of the Northwest Association of Independent Schools (NWAIS), a voluntary association of more than 114 independent schools in the Pacific Northwest. All the schools are nonprofit institutions chartered by the board of regents, individually governed by elected boards of trustees, and privately financed by tuition, fees and contributions.

Cedarwood's early childhood program is accredited by Waldorf Early Childhood Association of North America (WECAN) and has hosted the national WECAN conference for the past two years.